6.10.06 // Alle Termine und Aktionen zum Aktionstag 7.10.

Until now (6th of October '06) actions and demonstrations for 7th of October are
announced in:
   - Austria
   Vienna: Decentralised actions and collective demonstration against
detention-camps; Further information: http://no-racism.net/thema/106
   - Benin
   Cotounou: Activities at 6th, 7th and 9th of October
   - France: In Paris there will be a gathering/demo, in Rennes a demo on the
construction site of the new retention camp at the airport
   - Germany
   Berlin: Manifestation and demonstration against a deportation-camp;
   contact: konsumfuerfreiesfluten@yahoo.com  and fluchtlingsbrandenburgini@yahoo.fr
   More Informations
   Hamburg: Nothern-germany-wide demonstration against externalisation and
deportations, more informations:
   http://www.fluechtlingsrat-hamburg.de/ and
   Cologne: Demonstration for right to stay
   Frankfurt: Concert for right to stay on 6th, Action at the entrance to the
international bookfair against externalisation and for the right to stay at 7th, more
informations: http://aktivgegenabschiebung.de/
   Thuringia: Manifestation in front of the refugee-camp in Freienbessingen - more
informations: www.bergsteigen.net.tc
   Nuernberg: Demonstration?
   Augsburg: Demonstration for the right to stay
   Suedbaden/Freiburg: various actions in the city.
   more infos: www.aktionbleiberecht.de
   contact: Info@aktionbleiberecht.de
   7. Oktober, Lindau: Demonstration für die Rechte von Flüchtlingen und MigrantInnen
- gegen die tödliche Abschottung der Festung Europa
   14 Uhr Mahnwache am Menschenrechts-Stein (Leuchtturmmole) anschl. Demonstration
zum Rathaus
   Veranstalter: amnesty international - Ortsgruppe Lindau
   - Greece: Thessaloniki, the founding assembly of the Migrants' Forum in
Thessaloniki, a cultural happening with music from various countries; press
conference with the title "Migrants and local government".
   Saturday 7 October at 20:00, in the framework of the international day of  action
for migrants and refugees, the youth of the green party of greece (iliosporoi) and
"ecological athens" (candidate in next elections for local  government), are
organizing a multicultural open air concert with migrant  and greed groups. The
concert will take place at Thisio (at the mall opposite to Gazi area).
   - Italy: Local activities in several cities
   Bologna: Migrants' demonstration in front of the local site of Government on oct.
7th at 10.30 am. More info on: http://www.coordinamentomigranti.splinder.com  
   Bologna: Noborder parade, via Indipendenza h. 4pm. More info:
   Milan: inmigrant's association meeting: AI MASS MEDIA DICIAMO BASTA! con la
campagna di disinformazione e diffamazione sugli immigrati, h. 3pm, piazza Cavour.
   Rome: Assembly from 10 am to 2 pm at Teatro Ambra Jovinelli, demonstration in
front of the detention centre of Ponte Galeira at 4pm.
   - Mali: a forum taking place to remember the events of Ceuta and Melilla. It
started on the 28th of september and will finish on the 7th of October.
   - Marocco: an action in Morocco on the 7th of october to remember the dead people
in Ceuta and Melilla last year, at the fence of Ceuta
   - Mauretania
   Nouakchott and Nouadhibou: Press-Conferences and days of sensibisation
   - Netherlands
   Amsterdam: Action in the shopping centre of Zaandam (near Amsterdam) to inform and
mobilize the public on the two newly build detention boats in the Zaandam harbour.
Contact: info@allincluded.nl
   - Poland
   On the 6th of October (Friday) at 3 P.M. there will be demonstration in front of
the Office for Repatriation and Aliens (Warsaw, 16 Koszykowa Street). In
demonstration will be participating refugees from Chechnya and Africa (mainly
connected with Migrator Theatre).
   On the 7th of October there will be film show: "No Lager" and "Zula from Chechnya"
and lecture in the Warsaw University about situation of the refugees in UE. Lecture
will be lead by the law expert.
   Venue: Audytorium Maximum (B), Warsaw University,  26/28 Krakowskie Przedmiescie
   - Spain
   Malaga (friday 6th, 19hs, demonstration - Plza de la Marina /21hs Festival in the
Door of Capuchinos Detention Center) -Barcelona (saturday 7th, 18hs, demonstration -
Plza Universidad) -Madrid (saturday 7th,demonstration, to confirm place) -Bilbao
(saturday 7th,demonstration, to confirm place) -Las Palmas - Gran Canaria (saturday
7th,demonstration, to confirm place) -Tenerife (saturday 7th,concentration, to
confirm place) -Valencia (saturday 7th,concentration, to confirm place) -Motril -
Granada (saturday 7th,concentration, to confirm place)
   More Informations: http://estrecho.indymedia.org
   Sweden: manifestation in Gothenburg
   - Tunesia
   - United Kingdom
   London: March in South London on 7th, 'movement-building' conference in East
London on Sunday 8th October;
   London: 6th of October - Immigration Reporting Center - Close it down"
   Contact: sarac@crossroadswomen.net
   Glasgow: members of Unity, the Union of Asylum Seekers and Sans papiers in
Scotland, will lead marches from the south, west and north of the city (all areas
where asylum seekers are "dispersed" to live) into the city centre, Contact:
   General contact: frassainfo@kein.org
   More informations: www.noborder.org