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In english, french and german: All phone-numbers and websites for the next days.
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Pressegruppe / Pressgroup

To contact the antiracist pressgroup dial:


*Three day in August . . . and many more years* - Call for the "forenoon"-manifestation on the 4th of June

The unique aspect of Rostock-Lichtenhagen were not the violent attacks against migrants. This had often happened before and afterwards. Unique was that the population showed open solidarity with the attackers and that the politicians instrumentalised the progrom. With our manifestation, we not only want to recall the events of Rostock-Lichtenhagen, but also want to commemorate all victims of racist violence and statal politcs of walling-off europe.
Manifestation on Monday, 4^th of June 2007, 10 o'clock in front of the Sonnenblumenhaus (sun flower house), S-Bahn Station Lichtenhagen (train stop).


UPDATE // Full program about Activities on Flight and Migration during the Actionweek against G8

Saturday, 2 of June - big international demonstration in Rostock

The antiracist bloc („flight and migration“) is going to walk at
the front of the west-route of the demonstration, including own
loudspeaker-car. Meetingpoint: 11 a.m. „Hamburger Straße/Graf-
Schwerin-Straße“ (5 minutes from the S-Bahn-Station „R-
Bramow“). 12 a.m. beginning of the initial manifestation, among
others a refugee activist of NoLager Mecklenburg-Vorpommern is going
to hold a speech. 1 p.m. start of the demonstration

Sunday, 3 of June:


1st of June // African Day against G8


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